Road Trip USA 2022

Pacific Air & Palm Trees

In the morning we go directly to Pennsylvania Station, which is only a few meters away from the hotel. From there by train to Newark (New Jersey) and then into the Air Train. The whole trip takes about 40 min and costs 15.50 USD per person (seniors 11.50 USD). Tickets can be bought conveniently at Penn Station. Online this was not possible, because the NJTransit App is only available in the USA.

Huntington Beach - California

Our plane leaves punctually at 10:30 a.m., so that we land in Los Angeles around 1:15 p.m. local time (flight duration: 5 hours 45 minutes). Everything goes very quickly at the airport, so that we are already sitting in our rental car at around 2 p.m., which will now accompany us for the next 34 days.

Since the plane was originally supposed to be in Los Angeles around 4:15 p.m., we didn't really plan anything else for the day and only booked a hotel in Huntington Beach so that we didn't have to drive through LA the next day. But since we're there a little earlier and it's coffee time, of course we drive to Randy´s Donuts. Typically American, we put the donuts and coffee in the car right in the parking lot.

Randy´s DonutsPier at Huntington Beachsunset light at Huntington Beach

Then it's off to the hotel, into the swimming shorts and then to the beach. It is simply wonderful and a nice change to feel the Pacific after the city air. When we leave the beach, the sky is already coloring in the most beautiful colors, announcing the sunset.

Diner, Cars & Palm Springs

The next morning, the first stop is Ruby´s Diner, just off Highway 1 in Laguna Beach. A typical facility awaits us here, as from the 50s. There are of course omelettes, pancakes and filter coffee.

When we leave the diner, the fog has lifted and the sun is shining more and more. We continue south on the Pacific Coast Highway and later, at Camp Pendleton, turn towards Palm Springs. But after only a few miles, we discover a car show in Dana Point in passing and decide, fortunately, for a spontaneous stop. On Del Prado Ave hundreds of classic, muscle and custom cars are lined up. In addition, the blue sky, sunshine and a relaxed atmosphere.

Information about the show:

Ruby´s DinerDana Point Car ShowView over Palm Desert and Palm Springs

Then we continue towards Palm Springs and say goodbye to the Pacific for the next 3 weeks. The way there leads us via Pala Mesa, Temecula, Aguanga, Anza and Palm Desert. While on the coast with 28°C (82°F) it is still quite pleasant, the thermometer on the other side of the mountain range rises to over 40°C (104°F). The mountains are only sparsely overgrown with bushes, the roads are partly narrow and winding.

Palm Desert and Palm Springs then live up to their name. The streets are lined with palm trees. And palms always work.

Around 3 p.m. we arrive at our hotel, which at first seems to be closed. Fortunately, this turns out to be wrong, as we arrive on the wrong side. Since the planet seems to be burning even more now, we decide to go to the pool first. This refreshes and brings even more vacation feeling.

In the early evening we drive through the different quarters of Palms Springs to have a look at some of the typical bungalows. After dinner we have a quick look under Marilyn Monroe's skirt and end another day with that.

Pool at Skylark Hotel in Palm SpringsMid Century Bungalow in Palm SpringsMarilyn Monroe Statue in Palm Springs
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